Khaos Saga

Book 1: Chapter 15

An Unexpected Ally

The cousins give the supplies to the army and then head to their appointment with the bandits. they cross the river with the smuggler Merch and meet up with the bandits on the other side. once there they witness a ship like a viking longboat pass the point where they put out, headed northeast.

They get the the bandits camp and are lead towards where the crypt is. they camp for the night and as they relax they notice something moving in one of their bags. A small fairy like female shimmies out of the bag ass backwards while dragging something. She pulls a gold coin out of the bag and inspects it with a grin. she is wearing a little black toga, which is os as most whisper folk go nude. opening the toga she takes the coin and goes as if to stuff it under the fabric.

At this point Dick’s ire overcomes his curiosity in the thing. He yells at it with crossbow trained. it looks confused “You can see me? … o brambles!” it exclames and then shoots up into the air. the cousins go to grab it before it escapes but Dick realizes something from what she said and calls them to stand down. He asks here if she has been hanging around them and helping them out from time to time, which she confirms. She wasn’t supposed to let them see her but she can be a bit of a scatter brane. They also discover that it was in fact her who kept tying Bo’s shoes together. Despite this the cousins make quick friends with the manic fairy who is a sprix named Sprig.

The next day they have her scout ahead for them and she lets them know that the mongers have cleared the crypt entrance and are bringing in some tables and other random things. she lets them know the count of enemies in the camp outside as well.

They sneak up on the camp and surprise their enemies. They find that in addition to the mongers and orc they were aware of there is a strange squid faced wizard. They mange to kill the orc and heavily injure the mongers at which point Sprig steps in and puts the wounded foes to sleep. The squid looks around mumbling, ’This was never my fight anyway", before he mutters a spell and vanishes.

In addition to some ramshackle huts the camp has two thrown together cages set up in it. one is completely empty and the other has a dozen children in it. The cousins free the children and give them the mongers weapons before setting them towards the Bandits camp.



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