Khaos Saga

Book 1: Chapter 16

The Monger Tomb

The Cousins continue on from the camp to find that most of the Hill that the crypt is under is surrounded by a dense thicket. There is a single path winding through the overgrowth that seems to have been cleared using some sort of blight. As they travel down the path they se many forms of fungus growing on the ground and trees.

Eventually they reach a point where the path widens and is over grown with mushrooms. Dick notices that some of the mushrooms appear to be growing out of dead dear, and Ani, who is well acquainted with local mushrooms, notices that these ones are diffidently not indigenous to the valley. As they try to pass they are assaulted by the apparently animate fungi. They fight them off with ease, and continue down the path.

They approach its end and hear voices. Dick sneaks up to listen and hears the Squid faced wizard talking to what sounds like a monger. They discuss a deal involving a ritual in exchange for something called an arch stone. The squid says defending the tomb was not part of this deal and the monger storms off. The squid then tells Dick that he knows they are there. He tells them he doesn’t have the time to waist on them, nor does he want to use up previous spells when stronger enemies could show up to threaten him, and asks them just to let him pass.

Dick shoots him with an arrow and he sighs with disappointment. He holds our one hand with the other to his head and the cousins feel a force in their minds. Dick and Ani go down instantly while the rest just hold on. Bo sees the futility in fighting the thing and convinces it to do as it first said, and leave without a fight. it agrees and goes on its way.

The cousins decide they got a bit in over their heads and retreat to rest and heal their wounds. they camp for the night but are attacked in the morning for mongers on the search for those who attacked their camp. They defeat the threat with little trouble.



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