Khaos Saga

Book 1: Chapter 17

The High Shaman's Ritual

The cousins head back to the crypt entrance. On the way they find that there is a new cage in the camp outside the thicket. this cage is on a waggon and is much more well constructed; made from cut lumber and held together with nails. the cage is empty and from tracks Ani determines about a dozen humans were lead out of it into the crypt.

They consider cutting through the thicket to the top entrance but decide it will take to long so they enter the crypt and head curiously through its depths. They come to the room below the hole and see two Grelkins carry a corps down the hall to the bone pit from last time they were here. After a bit the grelkins return and head back the way they came from. The cousins investigate the bone pit and see atlas a dozen corpses of children piled at its bottom.

They delve deeper passing several sarcophagi. They consider opening them but think better of it for the time it would take and noise it would make. they continue and encounter some monger guards. They dispatch the guards, taking some damage in the process. they are confronted with three doors but as they are searching the mongers they hear a scream behind the far one and chose to hurry towards it.

passing through a large chamber with many more sarcophagi they come to a large door. Bozon throws it open to reveal a fox faced monger with shamanistic robes inserting a heart into a sarcophagus. The heroes banter with him for a time trying to see if he will reveal any information. He laughs at their brazen atitude and asked if they will be so confident when they see what he has wrought. the coffin lid beings to shake and then slide. A purple luminescent myst falls out of the opening as a decrepit hand reaches up out of it. A mummified monger corpse pulls itself out of the coffin a lets out a blood curling screech towards the cousins.



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