Khaos Saga

Book 1: Chapter 8
A Call to Arms
Book 1: Chapter 7
Traversing The Basin
Book 1: Chapter 6
A Storm is Comming
Book 1: Chapter 5
Bandit Troubles
Book 1: Chapter 4
Back togetehr

The cousins are split by the chaos. Eventually they are able to find each other by a bush shrouded in wolfs bane. This weed acts as a temporary deterrent to the dog men whom they learn are called mongers. They decide their best option is to escape. They race off to Silencia’s hunting shack in the woods to regroup.

In the small hut silencia pulls some arrows from their grandfather and notices that there is some sort of aggressive infection. He hides this fact until the next day so his cousins can have one less worry as they sleep, and he tells Saraland to keep an eye on her would be mentor.

Book 1: Chapter 3
The Warmongers

The cousins prepare to head back to town with the spoils of their adventure in tow, but before they can they are beset by a few more grelkins who have arrived on high above the mine entrance. They fight them off for a few moments before Sadralind has a conniption fit and the remaining grelkins seem to spontaneously combust.

She continues her fit until the rest of her family figures out that she seems drawn to the gem, which Anacrusis holds in his pocket. They give her the stone in desperation and she seems to calm down. From her own perspective she suddenly experiences something like a white nose that has been present her whole life, and thus now unnoticed, suddenly going silent. She clings to the stone and the cousins move out.

On their way back they smell smoke on the wind. Richard sneaks towards the cent and sees a circle of bandits. The group decides to avoid the men and circumvents them. Their new path takes them through a dried out stream bed, and as they travel it they notice a grelkin stumbling through the woods. He is wearing a potato sack and carrying a half empty bottle of whiskey that is marked with the cooper label and looks recently dug up.

Now having fought these creatures and seen that they stole their goods, Bozon is quick to trigger and charges the thing. It runs and the boy gives chase. As he closes on the beast they both stumble and the rest of the group witness their cousin fall into some unseen hole.

They catch up and see that there is a deep, dark, opening in the earth, about a meter wide. After dropping torches, a few of them delve down to help Bozon. Once down their, they see that it is some sort of under ground structure with bones lining the walls. The grelkin died in the fall and the jug of whiskey broke so they decide to look around out of curiosity. One path just heads to a pit of bones but the other leads them to a stone chest and a dead Viking with an arrow through his chest.

They unceremoniously pilfer the corpse of the ‘viking’ and go to check the chest. As they open I they hear something trigger and there is a puff of air from a hole in the far wall. Silencia looks back at the arrow pierced Viking and guesses that this was a trap that was already sprung. With the lid open, they now find a illegible scroll, a jar with a rotted cork (its contents evaporated), and a serpentine obsidian dagger, which Richard takes a shine to.

Taking all they can carry, they climb out of the hole and head back to town. All the cousins celebrate their success. Their grandfather shows up and commends them on their success. Dick plays some games with the old man while sadralinde is solicited by a uerid (witch) named Esmeralda. The uerid seems to know about her sudden magic affinity and presents herself as a mentor.

Silencia is the only one who obstains from the gathering, choosing instead to diligently heads out to check his traps from the previous day. Silencia is attacked by more wolves but is helped by the wolf he faced the morning before (which he now recognizes as a coywolf). Through the boys magic the coywolf told him his story of being forced out of his wolf pack because he was the only one who would not follow the two legged dogs. Silencia thanks him for his help and returns to town to ‘lick his wounds’ as the coywolf would put it.

All the cousins and their grandfather are now resting at the tavern enjoying games of nuts and bolts and skinning small game. Anacrasis is pursuing some game of his own as he finishes a set and follows young Shirley out for a back ally smooch, but as he exits the tavern he hears the girl scream. He goes to follow the cry but feels the heat of great flames at his back. He turns to find burning houses and rushes to help. The rest of the group runs out to see what the commotion is and finds huge doglike men attacking their town. They try to fight back but are hopelessly outmatched. A few of them go down and a few others run trying to divert the danger. Grandfather comes out and puts up a fight so the rest can escape.

Book 1: Chapter 2
whats (in the) mine is yours

The boys awake the next morning and continued along the tracks. After a few hours they hear a voice humming and find it belongs to a one armed man calling himself merch who has a cart load of supplies suspiciously like the ones the boys are searching for. After talking to him they came to trust that he was not their thief and continued on their way.

Eventually they came upon a shoddy camp of huts made from sticks and thatch outside an old abandoned mine. Within this camp were about a dozen grelkins, small doglike bipeds known to live in the eastern swamps. These simple creatures are knows to steal things and make mischief (in the syle of bonobo monkeys), and are thought to be the inspiration behind the koble a mysterious spirit that plays tricks on people.

They notice that these grelkins are in possession of the wagons that were stolen, though one is now loaded with a handful of arms and armor rather than a full compliment of beer and produce while the other is empty. The boys sneak up but are spotted by the little creatures who then flee into the mine. Richard injures a few with darts as they flee.

Inspecting the carts the cousins find some arming doublets, chain shirts and crossbows. To their surprise they also find their cousin Sadralind resting. She recounts how her friend offered her a beer, after which she felt faint and decided to take a nap in the cart.

Taking a moment to figure out how they all work they gear up as best they can and then follow the creatures into the depths. They manage to fight their way past the creatures and their rudimentary traps and find the majority of their produce, but grandfather’s prized beer is nowhere to be seen.

They load up the supplies and prepare to leave, but before they do they decide to investigate the deeper blocked off parts of the mine. Clearing the barriers to the further depths they find a tunnel with a single granite post embedded in the stone ground. The post has unrecognized script on it and a gem on a hangs by a thread from its pyramidal peak. They take the gem out of curiosity and then continue down the shaft, but as soon as they pass the post they hear a loud knocking echoing from the darkness.

They are reminded of a fairy tail about creatures known as knockers who warn miners when a cave in is imminent by knocking on the walls of the mine. Fearing the tales may be at least based on some form of truth they hurry out the entrance.

Book 1: Chapter 1
Off on a Youthful Adventure

As dawn broke over the small town of Drumhaven the village folk were making preperations for the annual harvest celebration known as the Cervistival. Three young lads Richard, Anacrusis, and Bozon were unloading carts for their family tavern, while their cousin Silencia headed out for a day of trapping and foraging.

Unloading the goods was slow going as at least two of the lads were messing about, pilfering licker to burry for latter, and squabbling with the McPoyle boys from the next town over. On top of that they took a break to investigate a commotion in the town square involving the local black velvet bandits trying to extort more resources from the town because of some vague threat from other bandits. After that they decided to shirk their duties all together and head into the tavern for some gambling and merriment.

Out in the woods Silencia as at work setting snares when he came across a set of dear tracks and set to follow them. The dear seemed to stop for a time and then sprint several times along the trail. As he followed he came across a second set of tracks from what seemed to be an enormous elk but he chose to ignore them and continue on course. Eventually he found a lone doe that seem to have boxed itself in perfectly for the kill. Not questioning it, he took aim with his bow but before he could fire a wolf bolted out of the underbrush and took the doe by the neck. As the wolf stared menacingly at silencia, the boy took aim at the beast and loosed his arrow.

Back in town a dart buried itself with a thunk in the bulls eye of a cork target to the sound of cheers from a small crowd. Richard had just bested one of the McPoyle boys in a game of cricket, while Anacrusis collected on his side bets. Some harsh words were exchanged and a small scuffle broke out. Before it went to far the boys fooled the out-of-towners into leaving. Next thing they knew though, there was a massive crashing sound form the town center.

The boys rushed outside to find the maypole had come crashing down and was now on fire. they helped to put the flames out, and then tried to figure out the cause. The base looked like it had been carved away with some simple tool somehow without anyone noticing but the cause of the fire was hard to determine. They returned to the bar, but soon found that the wagons around back, which were carrying produce for the tavern and two full sized kegs of their grandfathers award winning muggle nut brown ale had been stolen.

The immediate suspects were the bandits who were demanding more supplies earlier in the day. Their fathers were fed up and, after chastising the boys for shirking their duties, they decided to head out and talk to the bandits about the theft. meanwhile, after hearing from a possibly senile old lady that the carts were taken by mischief spirits called grellkins, the boys found a trail. Though the path of the wagon wheels were obscured by the high traffic of the festival they noticed a series of muggle nut shells. These nuts are extremely rare and the wagons had a crate of them, so it was obvious that they would lead them to the culprits. The boys decide to set off on their own and redeem themselves by finding the goods.

Back in the woods, Silencia was having trouble with the wolf he had encountered, unable to match it directly he retreated to the safety of a tree. He let the wolf take the kill and climbed down once it was safe. He noticed that this seemed to be a good spot for trapping, and with the wolf driving deer into it there would be even more game traffic, so he set several snares to check on later. Heading back for town he again came across the large Elk tracks, and again he ignored them. making it back to town he discovered from Marry that his cousins had headed out into the woods after fairies of something and not trusting their wodsmanship he decided to go out and find them.

Silencia managed to catch up with his cousins as they tried to track the wagons across a shallow but wide stream. He tried to bring them back to town but they would not relent so instead he took charge of the tracking. they continued until dusk When they were suddenly set upon by a small pack of wolves. They fought them off from tree top and then found a defensible place to rest for the night.

behind the scenes stuff.

A great Irish Elk called the Old Prince, the Great Prince of the Forest, or the Elk King, was trying to lead silencia to a Whisper Well within Ulstahg’s domain in order to start him on his path as his replacement as the next herald of Ulstahg.

The maypole was cut down by grelkins as a distraction. Sadralin was near by when it happened and had recently drank a sleeping potion unknowingly. The crash startled her in her unstable state and triggered her latent magic. The pole is designed to be burned when the cervistival ends so her spark of magic mad the pole go up like a match. The grelkins, who had planed to light the thing themselves, saw this happened and, though confused, shrugged it off as a win. other grelkins grabbed the wagons while everyone was distracted and made off unnoticed.


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