Khaos Saga

Book 1: Chapter 20
The Battle of Midbridged
Book 1: Chapter 19
It all Comes Together

Dick and Anacrusis sit in on a palaver between Pretty Colleen and the army captain. The captain again requests that she join forces with the army and she asks what he thinks has changed. He responds that much has.

The severity of the situation has increased as the mongers have collapsed the northern bridge. If they meant to destroy the one in midbridge and dig in then it would become many times more difficult to drive them out when the full army arrives. As such the general has been convinced to send a larger preliminary force to try and take the town back as well as additional supplies and funds. As here force has also grown through its merger with the Pawa Prowlers they would be very useful and with the new funds they could pay them mercenary wages.

She seems unconvinced and though Dick and Ani, make some swaying arguments she decides adjourn to consider her options. The captain the boys thanks the boys for lending him their knowledge of the bandits during the meeting and asks them to use their familiarity with them to se if they can learn of anything else they could use as leverage.

They learn that the bandits are planning to head back to Arabis. They also learn that Colleen was once a captain in the Arabisian army called the 1001 knights. When her sister, the Knight Martial Shaherizade, betrayed the kingdom Colleen stood up to her and was driven out of the country along with her subordinates. They fled to the valley and took up banditry. it seams that Colleen also believers her sister to have been acting und some magical influence. They determine that she is probably returning to her home country with her newly inflated force to make one last ditch effort to saver her country and sister.

The boys plan to offer aid in this effort, both with the magic and the manpower, if she stays to help them. They run the idea by the captain and find that he agrees that a contract of mutual military support could be drawn up, though victory in arabis would have to come with spoils for the valley as well. They meeting again with Colleen who plans to announce her decision. Before she has a chance to say one way or the other, the captain eagerly offers her the treaty. She accepts and announces to her men that they are now mercenaries.

Meanwhile for off in a sylvan glade Bozon tries out his now cold forged iron axe. Sprig in her manic state seems to have forgotten that he was supposed to meet with some of their leaders and directs him to a Banyan tree enclosure. as they approach they hear arguing. they listen in and hear two elves debating whether or not to commit forces to the valley.

The elves overhear Sprig and Bozon talking and call to them. Bozon enter the tree and introduces himself. The detracting elf accuses him of making up stories of demons to trick the elves into helping the humans, but Bo argues that his knowledge of the demons alone is proof that his words have at least some merit. The proponent elf agrees that he makes a good point but say proof would help ease the mind of some of their holdouts. Bozon shows them the Khaos Cult’s book and they see that the ritual in its back is indeed possible. at this there is no choice but for them to help.

A few days later, back with the army, Dick, Ani, and Sage head to the newly built fort and port to the south west to great the arriving army reinforcements. A fleet of small cogs sail up the river and take turns unloading men and supplies on the few docks available. The watch as several familiar faces disembark the vessels. First, Esmeralda the uierd comes down the gangplank, followed shortly by the alchemist who they left their grandfather with, and suprisingly the other alchemist whom they left on the road south. The general from Athia comes some time later, and finally, with great elation, they see their Grandfather’s healthy face emerge from the ship.

They reunite and remains with their old acquaintances and grandfather before heading back to the armies base of operations. As they approach they see a small force of armed men, slender and pale. At its front they see Boson and realize he has brought the elves back with him. The two forces meet and commingle, each glad to have the others support.

This newly formed force or soldiers, bandits, and elves spend the next few days training and strategizing. finally the cousins are called in to see the battle plans. After hearing it all they petition to be sent on the mission to make sure the mongers can not raise the draw bridge if they are pushed back from the southern district. They also offer the option of using Sprig’s portable hole to carry them across the river unseen. Because of this advantage the leaders all agree that they should be sent tho only in addition to the team that was already to go with the cogs being sent up the river. This way they have a back up in case they fail.

with the battle-plan set the army does ints final preparations and then marches on Midbridge.

Book 1: Chapter 18
The Mummy's Curse

The cousins confront the High Shaman and his Mummified Monstrosity. The shaman taunts them saying he will make sacrifices of them and unveils a locked cell containing a few children and oddly an older man who is bound gagged and tied.

The cousins fight valiently, discovering that though the undead thing they face seems resistant to most damge, it is both vulnerable to fire and has a week spot where the sacrificial heart was inserted. using this knowledge they are able to defeat the high shaman and his creation, but not before the thing brings down bozon, inflicting some malevolent curse upon him.

At the same time a gas spore fungus attacks Sage, and when it bursts releasing its spores she goes into a near catatonic, hallucinogenic state. Silencia is able to cure the poison effects of the spoors and return her vitality to her but she would soon find that the halusinisations were still with her.

While looting their fallen foes the man in the cage slips his blindfold and gag and implore them to let them out. He cautions that originally there were a dozen of them in the cage, including the boy from the sacrifice. The mongers had been taking them one by one for the last few hours; that wouldn’t be the last mummy.

right on cue they start to hear stone lids grinding open and crashing to the floor echoing throughout the crypt. they are spurred to action letting the captives out. The man reaches for Dicks knife. slicing his bonds, and then slicing his hands. He draws a circle in blood and activates a spell with some magic words. The mummies appear staggered but the man says it wont last long. They all flee the tomb nocking supports out as they exit to collapse the entryway.

They then build a pyre below the hole leading down into it and lure the mummies to it before Sage lights it with a barrage of burning hands spells. Some escape the fire and appear to be slowly coming back to life so dick repels down to finish them off which his obsidian dagger which he noticed earlier seemed to dink up the blood keeping them going. once the mummies are all dead they covered the hole to obscure its location.

The learn that the man is a demon hunter named Gideon Gray. He determined that a cult in the valley was trying to resurrect an ancient using the arch stone that once sealed it and came to investigate. He then found out about the mongers who seemed to have the same goal. While investigating them and the Arch stone that they planed to dig up he was confronted by R’lyeh the necromancer Illithid. The mind flayer bested him with the help of the mongers and he was impassioned. Eventually they noticed that he fit the requirements for their mummy ritual so they sent him to be a sacrifice.

The rest of the bandits on the island meet up with the cousins and tell them pretty colleen has called them all back. They head towards the extraction point having to set up camp for the night while the demon hunter slips away unnoticed. The next morning Bozons condition has worsened and Silencia still can not do anything to help him. Sprig seems woried about the demons and says she has to go tell the elves. If she can bring back lady Lyonia she could surely remove Bo’s curse, but she things it will take to long. The cousins have the idea to put Bo in her portable hole and have her bring him to the lady.

At that Bo sets off with sprig, and Silencia has one of his episodes that leads him off on a walkabout. The rest of the cousins head back to the bandits and discover much has changed. They were attacked by the Pawa Prowlers while the cousins were gone. Pretty colleen used the chauvinism of the Prowlers leader to goad him into a one on one fight in which she killed him. she then convinced the rest of the Prowlers to merge with her troop. this seemed like great news until they learned that the Black Velvets were planning to leave the fight with the mongers and head south. They were about ready to accept their poor fortune when a cadre of soldiers arrived lead by the standoffish captain, apparently offering one last request for them to join forces.

over with the elves Bozon awoke to the beautiful face of lady lyonia. Cleansed of his curse he had returned to perfect condition. The ever manic sprig jumped for joy as he awoke and told him he had to come see the good news. He got up to follow but tripped, finding that his the buckles of his newly acquired boots had been latched from one to the other. Begrudgingly he let it go since the sprix had done much for him recently. She brings him to a strange forge and tells him that while the elves did not have the time to get directly involved in their war they had decided to make weapons to help the humans. they had one for each of the cousins, and about a hundred for their military. Even better now that there demons are a threat the elves have decided to send soldiers to help with the effort as well.

Bozon looks a bit surprised and thins maybe things are finally turning around for them.

Book 1: Chapter 17
The High Shaman's Ritual

The cousins head back to the crypt entrance. On the way they find that there is a new cage in the camp outside the thicket. this cage is on a waggon and is much more well constructed; made from cut lumber and held together with nails. the cage is empty and from tracks Ani determines about a dozen humans were lead out of it into the crypt.

They consider cutting through the thicket to the top entrance but decide it will take to long so they enter the crypt and head curiously through its depths. They come to the room below the hole and see two Grelkins carry a corps down the hall to the bone pit from last time they were here. After a bit the grelkins return and head back the way they came from. The cousins investigate the bone pit and see atlas a dozen corpses of children piled at its bottom.

They delve deeper passing several sarcophagi. They consider opening them but think better of it for the time it would take and noise it would make. they continue and encounter some monger guards. They dispatch the guards, taking some damage in the process. they are confronted with three doors but as they are searching the mongers they hear a scream behind the far one and chose to hurry towards it.

passing through a large chamber with many more sarcophagi they come to a large door. Bozon throws it open to reveal a fox faced monger with shamanistic robes inserting a heart into a sarcophagus. The heroes banter with him for a time trying to see if he will reveal any information. He laughs at their brazen atitude and asked if they will be so confident when they see what he has wrought. the coffin lid beings to shake and then slide. A purple luminescent myst falls out of the opening as a decrepit hand reaches up out of it. A mummified monger corpse pulls itself out of the coffin a lets out a blood curling screech towards the cousins.

Book 1: Chapter 16
The Monger Tomb

The Cousins continue on from the camp to find that most of the Hill that the crypt is under is surrounded by a dense thicket. There is a single path winding through the overgrowth that seems to have been cleared using some sort of blight. As they travel down the path they se many forms of fungus growing on the ground and trees.

Eventually they reach a point where the path widens and is over grown with mushrooms. Dick notices that some of the mushrooms appear to be growing out of dead dear, and Ani, who is well acquainted with local mushrooms, notices that these ones are diffidently not indigenous to the valley. As they try to pass they are assaulted by the apparently animate fungi. They fight them off with ease, and continue down the path.

They approach its end and hear voices. Dick sneaks up to listen and hears the Squid faced wizard talking to what sounds like a monger. They discuss a deal involving a ritual in exchange for something called an arch stone. The squid says defending the tomb was not part of this deal and the monger storms off. The squid then tells Dick that he knows they are there. He tells them he doesn’t have the time to waist on them, nor does he want to use up previous spells when stronger enemies could show up to threaten him, and asks them just to let him pass.

Dick shoots him with an arrow and he sighs with disappointment. He holds our one hand with the other to his head and the cousins feel a force in their minds. Dick and Ani go down instantly while the rest just hold on. Bo sees the futility in fighting the thing and convinces it to do as it first said, and leave without a fight. it agrees and goes on its way.

The cousins decide they got a bit in over their heads and retreat to rest and heal their wounds. they camp for the night but are attacked in the morning for mongers on the search for those who attacked their camp. They defeat the threat with little trouble.

Book 1: Chapter 15
An Unexpected Ally

The cousins give the supplies to the army and then head to their appointment with the bandits. they cross the river with the smuggler Merch and meet up with the bandits on the other side. once there they witness a ship like a viking longboat pass the point where they put out, headed northeast.

They get the the bandits camp and are lead towards where the crypt is. they camp for the night and as they relax they notice something moving in one of their bags. A small fairy like female shimmies out of the bag ass backwards while dragging something. She pulls a gold coin out of the bag and inspects it with a grin. she is wearing a little black toga, which is os as most whisper folk go nude. opening the toga she takes the coin and goes as if to stuff it under the fabric.

At this point Dick’s ire overcomes his curiosity in the thing. He yells at it with crossbow trained. it looks confused “You can see me? … o brambles!” it exclames and then shoots up into the air. the cousins go to grab it before it escapes but Dick realizes something from what she said and calls them to stand down. He asks here if she has been hanging around them and helping them out from time to time, which she confirms. She wasn’t supposed to let them see her but she can be a bit of a scatter brane. They also discover that it was in fact her who kept tying Bo’s shoes together. Despite this the cousins make quick friends with the manic fairy who is a sprix named Sprig.

The next day they have her scout ahead for them and she lets them know that the mongers have cleared the crypt entrance and are bringing in some tables and other random things. she lets them know the count of enemies in the camp outside as well.

They sneak up on the camp and surprise their enemies. They find that in addition to the mongers and orc they were aware of there is a strange squid faced wizard. They mange to kill the orc and heavily injure the mongers at which point Sprig steps in and puts the wounded foes to sleep. The squid looks around mumbling, ’This was never my fight anyway", before he mutters a spell and vanishes.

In addition to some ramshackle huts the camp has two thrown together cages set up in it. one is completely empty and the other has a dozen children in it. The cousins free the children and give them the mongers weapons before setting them towards the Bandits camp.

Book 1: Chapter 13
The Cult of Khaos
Book 1: Chapter 11
Just a Simple Suply Mission
Book 1: Chapter 10
The Wolves of Winter
Book 1: Chapter 9
The Seelie Court

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